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Courageous cancer battler Sile is my hero -- Grainne

RTE star Grainne Seoige has broken her silence on her sister Sile's battle with cancer.

Grainne (38) says the diagnosis of Sile's thyroid cancer was a "huge shock" to the entire family but brought them closer together.

Sile (32) had her entire thyroid glands removed six months ago.


Grainne says: "I don't know if it's an Irish coping mechanism but we have actually ended up laughing a lot at the whole situation. You know, it can become pretty dark," she continued.

"People ask me 'who are your heroes?', well it's my sister. Her poise, her integrity, her strength is an inspiration to me, she is a woman who really knows herself and is very true to herself and I think if you can do that, you'll always be okay on some level.

"She is an amazing woman."

The Crimecall presenter has also confirmed that she is madly in love with her South African rugby beau Leon Jordaan.

In an interview with Irish Tatler this month, Grainne revealed how he has melted her heart -- and they've actually been dating since last year.

She has revealed: "I am in love and it's a wonderful feeling for someone to have your back."

Grainne was first snapped with her rugby coach boyfriend last month while helping him out at a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Ireland at his club in Navan and said they've been dating for a while now.

"I am very happy, he is a great guy. This happened when I was really not looking for it, not expecting it. He's a wonderful man and I feel lucky.

"We've been going out since last year, we just didn't talk about it. You need that time to figure things out. Now that we have been seen out in public together, the attentions of the national media are on it so there is a level of difficulty with it.

"That was the challenge for a long time, keep it quiet, so for a long time we had to get to know each other."


It's been nearly two years since she confirmed her split from hubbie Stephen Cullinane and she told Irish Tatler that experience has made her wary of giving away too much.

"It's a business where people are judging you or putting you in a box or talking about you in a way that bears no relation to who you are, that's tough.

"So then it makes you very protective of your family or your private life," she added. "I'm happy to confirm it because it's true, because often you say it's true and it's not happening but this is for real."

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