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Corrie star goes Gaga with 'food' dress inspired by cheese

First, it was Lady Gaga and her shocking 'meat' ensemble -- now Corrie actress Brooke Vincent has given us the cheese dress.

Brooke, who plays Coronation Street's Sophie Webster, gives Lady Gaga a run for her money by posing in the Stilton dress.

Chart star Gaga turned heads -- and stomachs -- as she upped the fashion "steaks" with a dress made of raw meat this week.

Now Brooke has gone for a more mature look in honour of the blue cheese.

Although the handmade frock is not made of the foodstuff, designers have based the print on the distinctive blue veins.

Brooke's one-off couture dress was fashioned for London Fashion Week.

The cream-coloured outfit is covered in the delicate blue pattern across the bodice, mini skirt and floating chiffon layers.

Its creators used navy beads, lace and paint to complete the look as they emulated the characteristic veins, which are normally created over a nine-week period by the penicillium roqueforti mould in the real cheese.


The dress was commissioned by the Stilton Cheesemakers Association (SCA) to try to reach a younger audience.

Nigel White of the SCA said: "We chose Brooke to model the dress as we wanted to transform her from how the public see her in the same way as we want to transform the way people see Stilton cheese -- not just for special occasions, but as a versatile ingredient that can transform the simplest of everyday snacks or meals into magical dishes for every age group."

The dress will now be given away as a competition prize at the Stilton cheese page on Facebook.