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Connolly returns to earn more cash

SINGLE mum Vivienne Connolly has returned to her modelling roots in a bid to earn more money.

The 39-year-old, who is mum to eight-year-old Ben and Katy (6), told the Herald she wants to make more money for her children.

Now the hardworking mum will be balancing her flourishing acting career with her return to modelling.

Vivienne, who can be seen in RTE's Fair City as Ingrid Gleeson, has recently been snapped up by her old pal modelling boss Andrea Roche.

The Carlow woman said she's "really enjoying" being back on the circuit and is delighted to make some handy money where she can.

"You're very conscious of kids when you're a parent and you want to bring in more money, even just 'handbag money'.

"Modelling will tide me over, it's a great way for me to earn extra money and it fits in with my life.

"It's a no-brainer: I started out as a model and am very familiar with the industry, so it'd be a sin not to do it.

"Anything that comes along I'm up for; it's a way of earning, but it's fun, too.

"My main focus is still to get more storylines in Fair City and any other programmes that could lead on from that, but in between that I'll keep my head down and take what I can get," said the blonde beauty, who split from her husband Mark Dunne in 2010.