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Conan makes a joke at our expense ... but seriously, with that hairdo?

IT seems the bigger the star, the bigger the hair. US chat show host Conan O'Brien has been poking fun at the Irish, but he is surely having a laugh with that haircut.

The 49-year-old, who insists his lineage is "100pc Irish Catholic", is currently on holiday in Dublin and was honoured by Trinity College last night.

But the host, who is famed for his quick wit, was somewhat off form with his one-liners.

He tweeted a photograph of drink taps in a Dublin pub with the quip, "I'm in a pre-school in Dublin".

O'Brien insists his Irish blood has given him the gift of the gab.

"We Irish are genetically bred to do this. We talk better than anybody else and we clean up all right".

The American television presenter strolled around Dublin with his wife Liza Powel and their two children, Neve (8) and Beckett (6). The group posed for a family photo outside the Department of the Taoiseach and then went shopping on Grafton Street.


"Hurrah! I am back in Ireland, 150 years after the British made me leave for doing a crappy talk show in the village", he told his 6.8 million Twitter fans.

His visit has included an honorary award from Trinity College's Philosophical Society where he declared, "I love it here, I'm 100pc Irish, every single one of us in my family is, so it's really wonderful to be here.

"When I was asked to come along I just thought I have to go to Dublin. The air just feels right here. I live in Los Angeles so my body has been telling me, 'you've got to get out of here'.

"I think I'll come back and probably impose on people and just stay on their couch."

O'Brien's Irishness does not quite extend to Irish television.

Despite saying he was a "big fan" of Late Late Show anchor Ryan Tubridy and saying that Tubridy could make it in the States, he then declared, "I've heard Ryan is terrific".

The broadcaster, whose parents are from Dungarvan, Co Waterford, filmed a segment of his show at the Guinness Storehouse today.