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Comic Brendan scoops a million YouTube hits

It seems that true-blue comedian Brendan O'Carroll has become an unlikely YouTube sensation.

Despite the noticeable absence of any daredevil stunts or celebrity slip-ups in the eight-minute clip featuring his alter ego Mrs Brown, the Diary can reveal the excerpt on the popular website has attracted more than one million hits so far.

This is increasing by an average of 100,000 people every day as comedy fans from as far afield as Australia, America, New Zealand and South Africa log on to check it out.

The YouTube clip was made especially for BBC and was the same footage that convinced the British broadcaster to shoot a pilot TV show with the funnyman this summer. Naturally, the Dublin comedian says he is thrilled with the stir he's causing on the internet.

"I am stunned by the reaction to the YouTube clip.

"I guess Mrs Brown has become the Susan Boyle of the comedy world," he quipped.

Clearly 2010 is going to be his big year, given that he has been signed up by the Beeb to make six episodes centred on his Mrs Brown character, with filming starting in May or June.

The funnyman will also take to the stage shortly in the Olympia Theatre in a production which starts on January 18 and runs until the end of this month.