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Comedian Corbett 'fine' after hospital tests

THE wife of comedian Ronnie Corbett has dismissed claims that an illness could end his career in showbusiness.

The 83-year-old underwent tests for several days last week after reportedly being taken to hospital in south London with chest pains and nausea.

But his wife Anne said he is "fine" and that his hospital visit was for a check-up.

She told a newspaper: "It's all lies. He wasn't rushed to hospital at all. He went if for tests, that's all."

She had been quoted as saying Corbett "won't be doing any more TV", but yesterday she denied saying "anything of the sort".

Mrs Corbett told the newspaper: "I had my elderly sister on the phone asking 'Is Ronnie okay?' as she read about it in the paper and I said, 'He's fine, he brought me tea this morning'.

"We didn't know what was wrong. He was feeling sick in his stomach and he wasn't well.

"The hospital ran lots of tests. He was in there for several days."


Corbett was discharged in time to attend the memorial on Thursday of close friend David Frost at Westminster Abbey, where he read a prayer.

Mrs Corbett said her husband was adamant he wanted to be at the memorial, saying: "It was an emotional day and Ronnie was determined to be there."

It was on Frost's 1960s show The Frost Report that Corbett met fellow comedian Ronnie Barker.

The pair went on to forge one of Britain's best-loved TV partnerships in their long-running sketch show The Two Ronnies.