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Come Dine With Me ... again for celeb pals

THE stars of this week's Celebrity Come Dine With Me relaxed as they treated themselves to a meal in Trocadero.

VIP publisher and Herald columnist Michael O'Doherty met fellow diners Pippa O'Connor, Shane Byrne, Madeline Mulqueen and Holly Sweeney shortly after the final instalment of the series was aired on TV3.

Last night viewers saw Pippa and Shane crowned as joint winners.

But there was some disappointment for MOD who finished last.

Not that he seemed to mind though.

"I've been a loser all my life so I'm used to it," he grinned.

Pippa made it to the renowned restaurant after her appearance with husband Brian Ormond on the Late Late Show.


Former Irish rugby international and joint winner Shane Byrne admitted he was surprised to finish top.

"I didn't think I'd win. You can only make a fool of yourself but it was fun. The competitive side really came out in me and I really wanted to win," he told the Herald.

Shane and Pippa shared the €5,000 winnings which will go to charity. Shane's charity is Goal.

And he had some sympathy for MOD, with whom viewers saw him spar with during the week.

"In fairness he teed himself up to being knocked down. Him to come last made the week for me," he laughed.


Michael also defended his decision not to kill the lobster he had specially brought in for guests.

Viewers saw him wavering in the kitchen before saying he could not bring himself to do it, and ask the supplier to do it instead while he sat in the living room.

"If you were having people over for steak and they brought a cow you wouldn't kill a cow. The lobster was saying to me 'please don't kill me, I have a long life to live'," he joked.

However, the publisher is planning another dinner party for his CCDWM pals -- and says this time he'll "man up" for the cooking tasks.

"I'll have beans, chips and steak for them so there'll be no complaints," he said.