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Collette in hospital as mystery illness strikes

Former Army lieutenant Collette McBarron has revealed how she suffered a serious health scare over Christmas.

The model had to be hospitalised due to a sudden problem with her breathing.

The Donegal native, who admits she was left badly shaken by the mystery illness, was forced to spend five days in Sligo Hospital earlier this month, where she was confined to her bed and had to be put on a drip.

"It was pretty terrifying," she told the Herald. "My whole throat closed up and I couldn't breathe. They had to put me on a drip because I couldn't eat. I was really sick for about a week, which was a big shock to me because I'd never really been properly ill before.

"I don't know what brought it on because I haven't been out much lately and haven't really been drinking in the past five or six months. I suppose it's just the time of year it is. Since they let me out, I've been taking it very easy and haven't been doing anything too strenuous."

Collette, who hit the headlines after quitting the Army last year, explained how she has put her modelling dreams on the back burner to complete a fitness training course.

The energetic lass said she has been in training for weeks for her new career and is on an 18-week college course.

Collette said: "I've been concentrating on training for the past few months so I can start working as a personal trainer.

"It's something I've always had an interest in and, obviously, the Army background helps because I'm well used to hard work, and we touched a lot on different areas of health and fitness.

"A nine-to-five office job would never be for me but I'm excited about this." Collette, who was linked to Romanian model Andrei Andrei last month, declined to comment on their relationship.

"There is someone on the scene at the minute, but I'm not really interested in having a full-blown relationship with anyone," she said. "I'm just concentrating on my training and then I'll be moving over to London."