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Colin's kebab woe as he leaves gold card in LA

HE gets to dine in the most lavish of restaurants all over the world, but Hollywood hitter Colin Farrell still has a hankering for a fast food kebab.

The Castleknock native is back on Irish shores while filming The Lobster and whenever the 37-year-old is on home soil he likes to forego his healthy regime to stop by his local Abrakebabra for a take-away splurge.

Colin has one of the few coveted gold cards – which entitles him to free food at the popular restaurant for life – and already stopped by the diner in Donny-brook for a fill last month when he landed in Dublin from LA.

"It's great, but I can't find the card anywhere at the moment, so I had to pay for a kebab last week because I didn't have the guts to say, 'Oh yeah, excuse me, I actually get free kebabs here'. I was too embarrassed," Colin told the Diary.

And the actor insisted he's not the type to pull out the old, 'Do you know who I am?' line on staff – contrary to many of his fellow A-listers.