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Colin and fellow beaus beaten by charmer in hunt for hottest hunk

HOLLYWOOD hunk Michael Fassbender might be riding high on the world's sexiest man list, but when it comes to homegrown talent it seems Irish women prefer the brawn and relaxed charm of rugby star Rob Kearney.

THE Leinster player (26) was yesterday voted the hottest man on the island in an online poll conducted by Her.ie.

The female readers of the site voted in their thousands to crown the Louth full back as the tastiest catch in Ireland.


The Leinster player took home 30pc of the vote which saw 2,000 respondents cast their opinions.

Rob said he was "very flattered", but the modest sports star played down his ranking, joking that it was clearly ladies from his home county who were responsible.

And there was also good news for reformed bad boy Colin Farrell (36).

The actor, who looked dashing as he stepped out at the premiere of his latest movie Seven Psychopaths in Hollywood, managed to bag the fifth slot on the hottest man in Ireland list.

Blizzards frontman Bressie, from Mullingar, received 25pc of the vote, earning himself the number two slot.

And proving that some men really do get better with age, silver fox Liam Neeson rounded out the top three with 19pc of the total vote.

Despite his international standing as a top rate hottie, Michael Fassbender failed to make the top three. He came fourth despite his steamy performance in sex drama Shame earlier this year.