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Colette going private for baby No2 after HSE crisis

COLLETTE Fitzpatrick has booked herself into a private hospital for her second pregnancy after an "undignified" experience in the public system first time around.

She hit the headlines last January after revealing her nightmare at the National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street.

She was on a trolley in a corridor due to over-crowding -- despite having forked out €4,000 on health insurance -- when her waters broke.

But this time around, the TV3 presenter is booking into the private Mount Carmel hospital in Churchtown, which has maternity packages from €1,699. "I don't want to run down public hospitals as last year, all I cared about was getting out of hospital with a healthy baby - that was my main focus," she said.


"But after listening to the recommendations of Anna Daly and Aisling O'Loughlin, I have opted for Mount Carmel. It's not that I wouldn't go near a public hospital again but they both went there and they said it was fantastic and they were so well looked after. It's also nearer to our home than Holles Street."

The Herald columnist provoked a huge reaction by chronicling her tough time in the southside hospital after giving birth to baby boy Milo on November 18, 2010, her first with husband Niall McDermott. Huge overcrowding in the maternity wards meant that she couldn't be admitted to a delivery ward for the early stages of her labour after being told there was no room available.

Ireland is in the middle of a baby boom and has the highest birth rate in the EU with maternity wards stretched to capacity.

The master of the Rotunda hospital, Dr Sam Coulter-Smith, recently revealed how they have witnessed a 37pc jump in admissions in the past five years.

Writing previously about her own experience, Colette stated: "Private or public care aside, it is an indictment of the shambles of a health system that any woman is forced into a situation like that at a time when they are so vulnerable."