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Club king Fox now in restaurant rivalry with his wife

ENTREPRENEUR Robbie Fox is re-entering the restaurant business after calling it quits on the nightclub scene.

The former Renards boss is taking a break from the club scene and has now taken over well-known Ballsbridge Italian eatery Bel & Bellucci.

The move means he will be in director competition with his wife Martina, who purchased the Town Bar & Grill from the couple's good friend Johnny Ronan last month.

While Fox (54) is remaining tight-lipped about the D4 takeover, a source has revealed that the former King of Clubs is expected to roll in next week.

"They were trying to keep it quiet, but word travels fast, he's expected to give it a complete overhaul," he said.

Fox did not divulge what his latest venture is, but he did say he was looking forward to getting his teeth stuck into a new property.

"I'm going to put my own personality on it -- it already has great potential and I think it could do even better."

The mogul will face stiff competition from surrounding hotspots, including his wife Martina, whose restaurant is located on Kildare Street.

"She's doing her thing and I'm doing mine," Fox said of any pending rivalry.

This latest move comes after the renowned club owner quit Dawson Street's The Pink.