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Claudine puts designer hopes on hold to concentrate on modelling

Ambitious Claudine Keane has put plans to launch her own fashion range on hold to concentrate on her modelling career.

The blonde beauty is eager to follow in the footsteps of fellow WAG Victoria Beckham by becoming a fashion designer.

The wife of footballer Robbie Keane has recently become firm friends with Topshop boss Philip Green sparking rumours she could be in line to ink a deal with the popular chain, a la Kate Moss.

But the former Miss Ireland (27), who has been mentored by designer Elie Saab, told the Herald that she would not be pushing ahead with her fashion career until next year at the earliest. "I'm with Ultimo for a year contracted so it wouldn't be fair nor would it be within my contract to do anything outside the brand of Ultimo for the year. I'm not just with their underwear brand. I'm the face of Adore Moi for Debenhams but I've started to do some work with them for their Ultimo couture range and it's actually really nice."

The UCD business graduate is soaking up information about the industry from her Ultimo boss Michelle Mone to ensure her own brand will be successful when it eventually launches.

"I've learnt so much from Michelle. When I signed with her first, she brought me in to see her factories, around her work place and I met all her staff and she's really just given me such an insight into the trade. I've always loved fashion. I've always even loved interior design.

"We have a couple of houses and I did them both myself. It's something I really enjoy. I love picking out fabrics and textures, just silly things like that.


"My one regret is I obviously went to university, I did economics and finance, but I do wish that I'd learnt how to put clothes together in terms of sewing.

"Even with my wedding dress, I sketched everything out myself. I'm not the best drawer in the world but I knew exactly what I wanted and I was so anal about it.

"I had my wedding dress made by Elie Saab in Paris and he's obviously an amazing designer and just going through the fabrics and the sketches, I just learnt a lot and it made me more interested in it.

"I've met people here and there like Philip Green who owns Topshop because he is a pal of a pal and I'm just into it and I really like it."

But savvy Claudine is the first to admit it will take more than a high profile for her fashion line to be a hit.

"It's a lot more than that. It helps but you have to have the initiative yourself because there are so many people out there maybe who have a face or a name or whatever that want to do something," she added.