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Claudine and mum are a real sister act

WAG Claudine Keane has confirmed what everyone has suspected for quite some time -- she and mum Joan are a regular sister act.

Despite being a generation apart, the Me and Mini-Me of the Irish celebrity circuit once again do a decent duplicate of each other.

Sporting matching outfits, killer heels and dazzling smiles on the pages of this month's VIP magazine, Claudine has revealed that mum Joan Palmer is "more like her sister".

Claudine, the wife of Ireland captain Robbie Keane, says that one of the pitfalls of fame is being able to trust so few people -- hence the constant presence of her mum.

"I have a lot of friends from schooldays but in essence you can't trust anyone as much as your family. You know when you have your mum around that everything is going to be okay. It's a comfort to have someone you can trust by your side, especially when the media is interested in you," she said.

Claudine also revealed that she hopes to embark on a career in television this year.

The former Miss Ireland remained coy about what her exact project is, but she confessed that Irish viewers will be "seeing more" of her on television screens.

"I'm back to work now, I'm focusing on my career. I hope to progress and expand on my television work. I did TV3's Midday show recently for five days straight -- you can't shy away on a programme like that, where topics could run from anything from politics to religion," she said.

"I feel comfortable on television. It brings the best out of me, whether I'm being photographed or appearing on television. It feels right."

While her name has been thrown in the mix as one of the faces to appear on the brand new Celebrity Apprentice series, Claudine said that she has a number of other projects in the works.

"Celebrity Apprentice is something that I would love to do, but there is also something else in the pipeline -- I think you will be seeing more of me on Irish television screens. There's also some stuff on the other side of the water that's happening, which could be very interesting."