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Classy lady Yvonne a breath of fresh air

vHere's something unusual. An Irish celebrity has put on a stone in weight in the past year and, far from vowing to get straight down the gym, she is very publicly delighted with the news.

Following her break-up from Ronan, Yvonne Keating let the stress get to her and, while never looking anything less than stunning, was for a while looking slightly gaunt.

But Yvonne has found love again in the intervening time, and having tried on a dress that was loose on her 12 months ago, she revealed that "Lisa Fitzpatrick had to cut me out of it, because the zip burst".

Far from being upset, Yvonne revealed that "I'm delighted to have put on a stone. I needed to".

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The lady has class.