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Claire thrilled to be expecting her first baby in the autumn with fiance Gerry


Claire Byrne and fiance Gerry Scollan at the VIP Style Awards recently

Claire Byrne and fiance Gerry Scollan at the VIP Style Awards recently

Claire Byrne and fiance Gerry Scollan at the VIP Style Awards recently

RTE star Claire Byrne is expecting her first child in the autumn and the Prime Time presenter is over the moon, the Herald can reveal.

The baby news comes on the heels of her engagement to IT technician Gerry Scollan.

Her co-host on the RTE current affairs show, Miriam O'Callaghan, was among the first publicly to congratulate the 36-year-old last night.



Ms O'Callaghan, who herself is a working mum-of-eight, said: "I was delighted to hear Claire's brilliant news – it's just so incredibly exciting for her and her fiance Gerry.

"There is nothing to match having a baby. It's just difficult to describe how wonderful a feeling it is and how it enriches your life. I wish them both my heartfelt congratulations."

And Claire's long-term pal and former TV3 colleague Lorraine Keane revealed that Claire has been looking forward to having a baby for quite some time.

"I am so happy for herself and Gerry. It is something Claire has always wanted. It's very exciting. I am delighted for them both. Becoming a mum is the most amazing thing in the world," she said.

Another source close to the couple said that they were "thrilled".

"Needless to say both she and Gerry are thrilled and very excited," the source said.

Claire and Gerry made their first appearance as a couple at the VIP Style Awards in March 2012, an event they attended again last week.

The Laois native previously spoke to the Herald about the struggle of losing her step-daughter Hannah to cancer.

The 19-year-old, who was the flower girl at Claire's wedding to her former husband, Richard Johnson, tragically passed away in 2011.



The couple split up after three years of marriage, but Claire and Hannah remained close in the run-up to her death from a rare strain of cancer.

She has also spoken in the past about the difficulties of juggling family life and a successful career in news.

"I don't think we've got the childcare thing right at all – the costs are way too high.

"It's a huge issue, something policymakers need to be aware of," she said.

"If it does happen for me, it'll be a challenge. Particularly when you work in a business where the hours are so long and the demands on you are so great."