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Claire and Daithi hit it off at rehearsals for debut on sofa

DAITHI O Se has been gearing up for RTE's newest series The Daily Show with intensive rehearsals on the new set along with co-host Claire Byrne.

Excitement is building amongst RTE's latest afternoon dream team ahead of the start of two new chat shows next Monday.

The journalist and the ex-TG4 weatherman are currently locked in three full days of dry runs on their new creamy grey sofa.

Rehearsals kicked off on Tuesday and the presenters have been warned to keep their lips tightly sealed about the contents of the show's debut.

But Claire hasn't quite been able to keep her excitement under wraps as she has been regularly updating her Twitter page about the rehearsals.


"We have the first of our big rehearsal days today before the new show kicks off next Monday. Woo hoo!" she tweeted.

And she later added: "We saw our shiny new programme set for the first time yesterday. It was like the first day in junior infants. I even lost my coat."

A spokesperson for RTE said: "Rehearsals are going really well. They have three full days of them this week. I don't know anything about whether there are any special guests on the first shows yet, it is all very hush hush for the moment," she added.

Gaelgeoir Daithi (34) has gone to ground in a bid to avoid his nerves getting the better of him ahead of the show's premiere.

And an inside source revealed that so far Claire and Daithi's partnership is going very well.

"The pressure is on but the chemistry between them is great. There is a good balance between their personalities so they really complement each other well and it doesn't hurt that they look fantastic together on the sofa too."