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Cinderella story in the making as Jedward's brother hits the spotlight

HE may be the least famous sibling in Jedward's family -- but Kevin Grimes still dreams of claiming a slice of the limelight for himself.

The 21-year-old student was out posing for the cameras over the weekend after popping in to the Olympia Theatre over the weekend to see his twin brothers John and Edward (19) performing in the 'Cinderella' panto.

He and his other family members helped the famous pair celebrate New Year with a trip to see them perform in the hit production, which is completely sold out.

And the Herald can reveal how he still hopes that he'll make it in his own right, given his distinctive features and famous family connections.

The youngster, who has the same pale skin and blonde hair as his siblings, recently completed a shoot for photographer Rick Taylor, who's attached to Elite Models.


Described as a "cyber punk fashion shoot", Kevin's curly hair was styled into an even bigger quiff than Jedward's as he smoulders for the camera in a leather jacket.

He also has a set of World World II-style goggles around his neck as he tries to channel his inner hardman.

"He's a real natural in front of the camera and is keen to do more modelling but he's definitely more serious in terms of his personality than his brothers. You can tell they're all related as they have similar features and all have a very slim build but he wouldn't have the same kind of baby faced look as them," said a source.

"He's really proud of John and Edward and makes sure to support them any chance he gets. He always gets mobbed himself when he goes to their gigs as all the fans recognise him when he shows up and it was the same thing in Dublin.

"But he's got his own life going."

Although he has been studying law at Dublin's Griffith College, he caught the eye of model scouts after his younger brothers sprung into the spotlight thanks to their X Factor success.

He was initially signed up to Assets agency in November 2009, with boss Derek Daniels giving him the big thumbs up -- but Kevin no longer appears to be featured on their website.

Speaking previously about his potential as a model, Daniels said he had a "boy-next-door look" which was quite similar to his brothers.

"He's in really good shape, very fit and he has that pale look, which is really in at the moment thanks to the Twilight movie," he said.