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Church feared for children in split

Charlotte Church spoke of her concerns about the impact of her break up with former fiancee Gavin Henson on their two children.

The 24-year-old said being in the media spotlight had made a "hard" situation "so much more complex".

Church and Wales rugby international Henson, 28, split up earlier this year just weeks after the pair went public with their engagement.

They had been together five years and have two children Dexter, one and Ruby two.

Asked about her fledgling relationship with fellow musician Jonathan Powell and if life was good, Church said: "I think so, I mean it is always hard when you have a break up and you've got children involved from mine and Gavin's point of view because we have all the press attention.

"It makes it so much more complex, so all we are worried about is how the children come out of it. We managed to remain really good friends, so at the moment it is working out really well."

Church, whose new album Back to Scratch is released next month, told Steve Hargrave on Daybreak she would be watching her ex compete on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

Her comments came as Henson opened up during an interview with BBC Two's Scrum V TV about the difficulties of coping with the public breakdown of his relationship, calling it "a nightmare situation".

He said: "It's the worst thing in the world to see your kids being brought up by another fella. It's not nice at all.

"I don't want people feeling sorry for me, it goes on and I've just got to deal with it and I'm dealing with it."

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