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Chuck sets heart on Dublin for a Gossip Girls catfight

TREND-setting Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester could soon be hitting the cobblestones of Temple Bar in their designer stilettos -- if co-star Ed Westwick gets his wish.

The up-and-coming actor, who plays millionaire ladies' man Chuck Bass on the hit CW series, has revealed his hopes of filming some of the popular show right here in Ireland next season.

Fresh from the show's stint in Paris last summer, which saw our favourite New York socialites Serena, Blair and Chuck cause mayhem in the chic French capital, Ed admits that producers are already on the lookout for their next location.

"I'd love to see it head to Dublin in the next series," Ed told the Herald. "How cool would it be to have Chuck and the gang hitting the pubs for a proper session or Blair and Serena having a catfight in the Guinness Factory?

"There's been no official talk about bringing the show to Ireland but we're all big fans of the place and I know a couple of the producers have Irish blood, so I don't think they'd be too adverse to the idea.


"I know the show's all about New York and the Manhattan lifestyle but a couple seasons in, I love the idea that Gossip Girl's going out on the road.

"We went to Paris, which was just amazing, absolutely fantastic because it brought this new novelty to filming," he added.

Ed, who is currently starring in romantic comedy Chalet Girl alongside Felicity Jones and Sophia Bush, went on to explain how he would be keen to fit in some theatre work if the trip to Dublin comes to fruition.

The talented actor says he has a number of pals on Irish shores and is even planning a trip here next December to ring in 2012.

"Personally I'd love to go because it would give me a chance to do some theatre work there," Ed said. "I've got a couple friends in Dublin, who I'm planning to visit for New Year's so that would be cool to correspond with some time in the Abbey maybe.

"I'm a big fan of Sam Shephard and I know he's done a couple of shows there, so it'd be cool to do something like that," he added.

Ed also revealed how he is often mistaken for Castleknock actor Colin Farrell while out and about.

"I've gotten Colin Farrell once or twice. I had this guy at JFK [airport] come up to me, saying 'I know it's you, I know you're that Irish guy.'

"And I was like, 'Mate, listen to my accent, do I sound Irish?'" he laughed.

Ed's new film Chalet Girls hits cinema screens on March 16.