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Chris shows girly side on Moone Boy but no role for Amy


Comedian Chris O'Dowd has shown off his feminine side on the Moone Boy set.

The Boyle actor had to dress up in a frilly ra-ra skirt, black tights and Converse All-stars for a scene and shared the lady-like picture with his Twitter fans and followers.

Chris completed the look with pink nail polish and bright red rouge. The 33-year-old actor is busy filming the third series of Moone Boy.

According to the This Is 40 star, several familiar faces will be popping up.

"Terry Wogan will most likely be back and there is a good chance Sharon Horgan will make an appearance," Chris told the Herald.

"She's a very funny lady and would be great on the show."

But it looks as if Amy Huberman won't be returning.

Amy (34) played a ditsy art teacher in series two.

But Chris says he simply has nothing for Amy to do this series.

"I don't have anything for her to do," he said.

"But she is so funny in the second series."

For the third series, Chris has taken over the directorial reins from Declan Lowney.



And the tall and charming actor says he is finding directing a daunting but rewarding experience.

"I feel rudderless without Declan on set," he admitted.

"A lot of the time I just end up emailing Declan asking him that exact question," he laughed.

"It's hard when you're directing and acting and doing rewrites. It is hard but I'm really enjoying it."