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Chopper's spicy side on Dublin night out with his IMF friends

NICE to see IMF chief Ajai Chopra is like Dubliners' Diary -- he loves the good things in life.

We all know he's been spending the last few weeks holed up in the luxury of the Merrion Hotel in between meeting Messrs Cowen and Lenihan.

Imagine my surprise, then, in coming across the genial hatchet man when I was out with my mum for a quiet Monday evening meal.


We were in Rasam restaurant in Glasthule to celebrate mum's birthday, when Ajai and his associate Ashoka Mody strolled in.

They were with ten more of their IMF pals - some of them were quite dishy themselves!

Like myself, they had all built up a big appetite. The group seemed to be choosing Rasam's delicious mixed platter and I thought I overheard Ajai ordering the spicy Mansahari Thali dish. Good choice Ajai.

They may be the men in grey but certainly know how to enjoy themselves.

The boys were washing the delightful food down with a New Zealand sauvignon blanc and Australian Shiraz.

I'm not one for desserts - unlike the boys from the IMF.


Getting a country back on the rails obviously requires all the calories you can get - and to thell with the waistline. Some were choosing what appeared to be the Kulfi dessert followed by some Indian chai.

As the night wore on, the boys from the IMF showed that there is such a thing as spending your way out of a recession.

A few of the party even ordered brandies and Baileys.

Nothing like getting to know the local produce, eh? I'm sure Guinness makers Diageo will be delighted to know the IMF were savouring their Baileys liqueur.

Rasam Indian restaurant is a favourite of celebrities and RTE types, such as Pat Kenny and Miriam O'Callaghan.

Could it be Ajai got a tip about the restaurant during his interview in RTE last night?

Asked today about the visit to his trendy eaterie, Rasam co-owner Nisheeth Tak replied with a firm but polite "no comment."

No doubt the Geneva-based moneymen will have found the prices to their liking.

And with IMF blessing, surely a restaurant can hardly ask for better accolade in these hard times.