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Chinese women think I'm too old - Des

COMEDIAN Des Bishop remains a single man a year after relocating to China and appearing on a dating show.

He moved to Asia to immerse himself in the culture while he undertook the challenge of learning Mandarin.

Out of the experience came the hit documentary Breaking China, which aired on RTE earlier this year and featured an episode where the funny-man delved into the Chinese dating scene.

However, the Irish-American said he was not ideal husband material in China.

"I'm very old, Chinese woman are all married at my age so it's not that easy to find a Chinese girlfriend," said the 38-year-old.


Des, who appeared on the country's version of Take Me Out, serenading his prospective dates with a rebel song, said he didn't quite manage to meet the criteria of Chinese women which is "what's your degree and where did you go to college".

"I have a history and English degree from UCC and they're like, 'where's UCC and what are you doing with a history degree, we don't speak about history so it's pretty useless," he joked.

Reflecting on his time away, the writer, who will continue to divide his time between Ireland and China until February because he "was addicted to the madness" of the country, said the vastly different cultural etiquette took some getting used to.

Bishop has returned to Dublin for a gig this Saturday at Vicar Street.