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Chick-lit star Cecelia writing for children

SHE'S the queen of chick-lit with a list of best-selling novels under her belt.

But now mum-of-two Cecelia Ahern is writing a children's book about the magical world of snowflakes.

"It's going to be published in Germany," she said.

"It's about two snowflakes. You know the way everyone says no two snowflakes are the same? Well, this is about two snowflakes that do look the same. That's what makes them unique.

"I write stories for my kids [daughter Robin (3) and 10-month-old Sonny] at home the whole time, but I never really thought about publishing them until now."

Cecelia is a hit with German audiences – two of her short stories are being made into TV films for German Heart Cinema.

But the 31-year-old says her popularity there is a mystery to her.

"Most of my books sell the best in Germany," she said.


"I don't know why. But out of all the markets it's the one that seems to be the biggest."

Cecelia's elder sister, Georgina, is expecting her third child.

And the bubbly writer is delighted for Georgina and her husband, former Westlife star Nicky Byrne.

"I am so excited. I am delighted for her. It's great. It's lovely to have a baby close to my son's age."

And grandfather, former taoiseach Bertie Ahern, will have another bouncing baby to take care of.

"My parents will have even more babies crawling all over them," she laughed.

The writer is already working on her next novel and doesn't plan on taking a break.

"I'm editing my 10th novel – How To Fall In Love," she said.

"It's based on the premise of the German series they're shooting in Ireland. I came up with a story – they went one way and I've gone another," she explains.