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Cheryl has a new love in her life . . . cupcakes

Her slender figure has earned her the title of sexiest woman in the world -- but Cheryl Cole has confessed to having a sweet tooth.

The X Factor judge has sugar cravings and has a weakness for cupcakes as her secret indulgence.

Chart-topping Cole, who split from soccer star husband Ashley earlier this year, said: "My only trouble is that I can't do without sugar. Sometimes, I feel like I just need a chocolate bar.

"I don't deny myself anything. Right now, my weakness is for Lola's Cupcakes. I was sent 12 of them when I got to number one -- all different flavours."

Lola's is a fancy cake shop based in London's Primrose Hill.

Cole said she keeps her perfect shape with a diet recommended by her mum.

"Recently my mother told me about Eat Right 4 Your Type, in which you're told what to eat and what to avoid depending on your blood type," she said in an interview in Hello! magazine.

"It has made such a difference -- not so much to my shape, but to how I feel and my energy levels. I believe it 100pc."

Cole was voted the world's sexiest woman in a men's magazine poll for the second year running, with Hollywood star Megan Fox in the runner-up spot.


And despite beating her, Cole said there is one feature of her rival's which she would love. "I would have Megan Fox's lips over mine any day," she said.

Cole added that recent months had been difficult for her. "There's some really mean stuff written about me, and it sticks, it really does.

You kind of don't remember the nice stuff, you just remember the mean stuff, just like you remember the mean people from school."