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Cheryl Cole stays at London hotel following furore over her husband's text messages

Cheryl Cole has moved into a London hotel in the run-up to her performance at the Brit Awards following allegations that her husband Ashley Cole sent naked picture text messages of himself to a glamour model.

The singer, 26, who spent Valentine's Day practising the routine for her hit single Fight For This Love, has reportedly moved into the Baglioni Hotel in Kensington, London while her footballer husband remains at home in Surrey nursing a broken foot.

Her publicist has said that she is using the hotel as a base for her promotional tour of Europe.

The separate living arrangements are amid reports that Cole sent suggestive messages to Sonia Wild, 28. Cole, 29, has admitted taking the pictures while staying with the England football squad at a hotel in Watford.

However, he claimed that he did not send the images himself but that they were sent from a phone that he passed on to a friend, Jay Wynters, which was then passed on to a third party.

Miss Wild, however, has insisted that the pictures were sent by the Chelsea player and that she is convinced she spoke to him on the phone.

It has been reported that Mrs Cole has demanded that her husband does not attend the Brit Awards on Tuesday evening despite her high-profile performance at the event.

This is not the first scandal to colour Mrs Cole's three-and-a-half year marriage.

In January 2008 Aimee Walton, a hairdresser, claimed to have had a drunken sexual encounter with Cole after meeting him at a nightclub.

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