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Cheryl Cole agrees to counselling sessions with Ashley

Cheryl Cole has agreed to attend counselling sessions with her husband Ashley Cole, it has been reported.

The first meeting with a therapist could even take place next week after Ashley Cole returns home from a rehabilitation clinic in France where he is being treated for a broken ankle, according to the Daily Mail.

The singer and X Factor judge released a statement last week announcing her intention to split from her husband following reports that he had cheated on her with several women and sent sex texts. They have been married for three and a half years.

The Girls Aloud pop singer, 26, announced her separation on February 23 but has not yet started divorce proceedings.

Two years ago she forgave her husband after he had a one night stand with a hairdresser he met in a nightclub called Aimee Walton.

Last month he was accused of sending sex texts to Sonia Wild a glamour model.

Since then Vicki Gough, a secretary, has claimed she had sex with him twice during autumn 2008 while Ann Corbitt, a US local government worker, alleged that she had sex with him in a Seattle hotel last July.

Finally Alexandra Taylor came forward and said she had a short affair with the 29 year-old in 2004 only hours after he and Mrs Cole made their relationship public at the National TV Awards.

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