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Cheryl agrees to heart-to-heart as Ashley begs for a second chance

Singer Cheryl Cole has finally agreed to have a heart-to-heart with footballer husband Ashley after he bombarded her with text messages.

The decision by the X Factor star has come as a shock to her friends because they fear that Ashley could persuade her to take him back again.

Chelsea player Ashley (29) has been texting her non stop with pleas to save their marriage, and Cheryl (26) has tentatively agreed to see him. It is believed that they could meet up as early as early as next week.

A source said: "Cheryl's really in two minds about what to do but she believes it is right they should meet like adults to discuss what's happened. She can't keep ignoring him for ever. Her friends are worried he could still win her back.

"Even though she's furious about the way he's behaved, no one's convinced that she's totally over him.

"At the moment she's still quite hurt and confused."

Ashley has been holed up in a sports clinic in the south of France where he has been undergoing intensive rehab on a broken ankle.

But sources at the multi-million euro centre said that his mind is elsewhere as he struggles to cope with the break up from his wife. She announced their separation earlier this week.

A source said: "Ashley looks utterly miserable and spends his entire time texting and calling on his mobile phone.

"He clearly can't get Cheryl out of his mind. He is barely talking to anyone, he seems like a little boy lost."


It appears that Ashley has refused to accept that the four-year marriage is over.

He is still wearing his wedding ring and is said to have bombarded Cheryl with text messages begging to be given another chance.

And it is understood that he has spoken to friends of Girls Aloud star Cheryl to try to get them to support his case, saying that the relationship suffered because they were unable to spend enough time together.