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Chef Nick to serve up chicken dance

FROM the chicken dance to a sizzling cha-cha-cha, this could get a little shaky.

Celebrity restaurateur Nick Munier is channelling the spirit of Latino queen J-Lo for his next project.

Nick (left) is taking part in next month's Strictly Against Breast Cancer, a celebrity dance event taking place in the Convention Centre on December 7.

And he admits that mastering the fast-paced beats of a J-Lo track is more difficult than whipping up a chocolate souffle on live television.

"It's all about the hips," Nick told the Diary.

"I danced to disco in the 1980s and I danced like a chicken.

"But this one is quite a structured dance so we are practising twice a week.

"It is two minutes long and it is exhausting."

Nick is dancing with Nicola Hurley, the daughter of one of the organisers of the event. And the Masterchef star is more than a little confident ahead of the performance next month.

"We're going to win," he said simply.

"It is all for charity at the end of the day, but I think we have a good chance."

One person Nick is hoping to impress with his new dance moves is wife, Denise McBrien, after the pair decided to give their 10-year marriage another go earlier this year.