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Chef Derry stirs up bikini-babe picture storm

Celebrity chef Derry Clarke has dismissed claims that a talented chefs like Nevin Maguire would need a bikini babe to get media attention.

Derry waded into the row over pictures of a bikini-clad model posing with Maguire this week to promote Food & Wine magazine, saying: "We don't need models to make the papers.

"I have been in plenty of papers without the help of models."

He was speaking after hearing comments by 19-year-old model Nadia Forde.

Nadia had said: "I don't think any chef would make it into a newspaper on his own.

"The reason he's (Nevin) there is because of model Georgia Salpa."


Derry said: "I don't understand why there is such controversy when a chef is snapped with a model, yet they are used to promote products all the time."

The picture prompted a storm of controversy on RTE's Liveline programme.

One caller said: "I really don't see what this has to do with the pic. And I'm really disappointed with the women that they partake in this as well."

Model Georgia said the shots are only supposed to be fun."I think there's more important things going on than me appearing in a bikini. These are fun shots and they do their job."