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Charming, romantic and sexy -but my Chris never washes up


Actor Chris O' Dowd (L) and wife  Dawn Porter. Photo: Getty Images

Actor Chris O' Dowd (L) and wife Dawn Porter. Photo: Getty Images

Actor Chris O' Dowd (L) and wife Dawn Porter. Photo: Getty Images

HE HAS taken Hollywood by storm, is seen as a sex symbol by many women - but around the house, Chris O'Dowd is a bit of a slob.

The funnyman star of Bridesmaids is far more at home slobbing around the house than walking the red carpet, says his wife.

Writer Dawn O'Porter – who married the 33-year-old Irish actor last summer – said washing up and doing laundry are foreign concepts to her hubby.

"He doesn't do anything. He's not brilliant at doing the washing up. That's it. That's a sticking point for us.

"He never washes up – never washes his clothes – never.



"He's not so bad, but not brilliant. He's very charming and romantic and very loving. He's a good one. All the boys are like that in Roscommon."

Dawn, who is also a documentary maker, said she never gets jealous when women swoon over her husband.

"I find it funny that Chris is a sex symbol.

"It's nice to have your choice affirmed by other people. I made a good choice. I think it's sweet.

"People getting giddy around him is funny," she says.

"If you got jealous about that kind of stuff, then you wouldn't be very happy at all.

"It is funny when the person you live with is a normal human being and a sex symbol."

Dawn is in Dublin this week for Dublin's Writers Festival.

The up-and-coming author is in the middle of promoting her debut novel, Paper Aeroplanes, but has also been hard at work finishing the sequel.

Despite her hectic writing schedule and Chris's non-stop filming, the couple make sure to manage down time together.

"Despite us both working so much, we still get to have a life.

"When I'm writing, I just go with Chris. We were over in New York this weekend.

"I can take my laptop with me anywhere so it's quite perfect really.

"We make the most of it when we do get a weekend and go away or somewhere like that.'"

"We don't get over to Ireland as much as we like.

"Chris will be doing Moone Boy in the summer, and I'm over this weekend, which is nice."