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Charlize's tweet looks like it spells the end for Stuart

The Diary sees that Hollywood bombshell Charlize Theron has left a cryptic message of thanks to her fans on her Twitter page.

The South African beauty, who is rumoured to have split from Stuart Townsend, has given her biggest indication to date that the relationship is indeed over, judging by her comment on the site.

Earlier in the week she wrote a message in Afrikaans, and when asked by an Irish fan what it meant, she replied: "That means hello, i love you!! it's for all the wonderful fans that have supported me and made me able to be who i am today."

When asked about the rumours she and Howth-born Townsend had split, she replied that it was "crazy" -- but has yet to issue any denial.

Previously considered one of the strongest unions in fickle Hollywood, the couple were together for nine years. But a close friend said she realised the romance had run its course and they had become "more like brother and sister than lovers". The 34-year-old has ditched the Victorian ring that Townsend had given her as a sign of their commitment to each other.