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Charlize and Stuart breaking up. . . could have told you that

We all saw it coming -- didn't we? I had a glimpse of it a couple of years ago.

It was written all over Charlize Theron's Hollywood A-list face, as she was sweetly smiling down at Stuart Townsend's cute little Howth head. I saw it as she was wearing her low heels and slouching so as not to be a full head over him.

Word has it Charlize and Stuart have allegedly parted ways and, if the word is true, it's no surprise to me.

Nicole and Tom used to have that drooping-woman deal going on. She would wear flats, contort her back and snuggle up to him, placing her head on his shoulder so that the stunted scientologist didn't look minuscule beside her. But look at her now -- happy and towering with pride over her husband Keith Urban.

And I knew that eventually they would part ways because of her career shooting into the stratosphere, and his spluttering to a standstill. Call me cynical, but Charlize fell out of love with Stuart because he wasn't as successful as her. His most successful film, About Adam, in which he starred alongside Kate Hudson, was way back in 2000. Since then, he didn't really go anywhere.

You can bet your bottom dollar that Charlize Theron will be dating some beautiful, SUCCESSFUL Hollywood star within the next few months. It could be a co-star, or a director, or a producer. But famous people are desperately attracted to people more famous than themselves.