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Charlie Sheen: I don't want rehab

Charlie Sheen has said he doesn't want to be rehabilitated from his drug addiction because "he is a winner and rehab is ruled by losers".

The Two And A Half Men star told CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight "my motto is to enjoy every moment" and after being around addiction specialists for 22 years he had decided to "pass" on the life they were offering.

Charlie said: "I'm a winner and their lives look like they're - you know, ruled by losers."

He went on: "Just to put it in black and white terms. I don't want their lives, and they want mine, but they want to criticise the hell out of it. And now they've run the gamut from like, OK, he's not loaded now what? Oh, he's manic.

"I don't even know what that means. I guess that would imply that there's going to be a crash. I don't know when that's coming, but maybe you can cover it when it does."

Talking about his relationship with drugs, Charlie said: "I don't believe myself to be an addict. I think that I just ignore or smash or finally dismiss a model that I think is rooted in vintage balderdash.

"They say you've got to surrender and you've got to get rid of your resentments, sit in a room and like be all lame, you know. I just - I can't find a label other than just alive."

He added sarcastically: "There's this great quote going around, yes, I'm on a high drug, it's called Charlie Sheen."

Meanwhile, CBS chief executive Leslie Moonves later said he can't predict whether Two and a Half Men will be back on the air.

Speaking at a conference in San Francisco, Moonves said he hoped the comedy show would return to CBS, adding: "We'll see."

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