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Celia won't go under the knife ... for now

OUR most glamorous granny, Celia Holman Lee, has vowed she won't go under the knife -- until she is at least 70.

The former model from Limerick insists she will not mess with what nature has given her until she is in dire need of plastic surgery.

With a figure to rival someone half her age, the Holman Lee model boss (60) told the Herald that anyone can achieve results like hers if they are willing to put in the work.

"I get asked about surgery all the time and there are days when I feel I should have stuck my head into some sort of age enhancement contraption," she explained.

"I have considered it and ran away from it on several occasions. I just feel if I started on my face, well then I'd have to do my neck. And then you start looking at your hands. And I mean, where does it all end?

"I have another decade in me yet. At the moment I'm kind of happy with I'm see but maybe one day I won't rule it out.

"I'm from the old school. We had to do the work to look good. You have to do the exercise, you have to look groomed, you have to have the hair done and the make-up done.

"I have murder with my models sometimes when they turn up in Ugg boots and that kind of thing. I feel that when your profession is based on your looks, you have to use them to your full advantage," she added.

Celia turned on the style when it was revealed that she had been nominated for her eighth Peter Mark VIP style award at its launch in the Aviator Lounge at Bentley's restaurant.

The fashion icon says it's an honour for her to find herself going head-to-head with girls half her age at the exclusive event, which will take place at the Shelbourne Hotel on March 12.