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Celebs reveal all about their life histories

Last June I shot a 12-part series Fuaimrian Mo Shaoil, the soundtrack of my life, for TG4, and I interviewed people like boxer Bernard Dunne and presenter Mary Kennedy (below).

It's like a Gay Byrne 'meaning of life' style show and I met each of them to look back on their lives.

It's on Thursdays at 8pm and started this month.

Because it was filmed last summer people keep asking me 'do you have a beard' because I am clean-shaven on TG4 but I have a beard on RTE.


I really enjoyed going back to TG4 to work and it was my first time being back there in a good while.

The only reason I haven't done more work is because I was so busy filming for Today. But I'd love to do more in the future.

Although I haven't worked in TG4 for ages, I speak Irish pretty much every day with my co-host Maura Derrane.

She's a fluent Irish speaker too so we spend 70pc of the day talking in Irish. We talk rapidly as Gaeilge when we don't want people to hear us!