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Celebrity insomniacs

Johnny Depp suffered from acute insomnia until a friend advised him to wear pyjamas. He now wears cotton jim-jams and hasn't looked back.

Lady Gaga says that insomnia became a problem after she hit the big time. She once claimed that she hadn't slept in three days because she kept thinking about music.

Michael Jackson suffered from chronic insomnia. After his death, an autopsy found the powerful anaesthetic drug Propofol in his bloodstream.

Eminem became so dependent on prescription sleeping pills that he checked himself into rehab in 2005, saying that he was medicating himself to death.

Actress Drew Barrymore suffers from severe insomnia, which she says has got worse with age. Barrymore's troubled teenage years are now a distant memory. These days, she treats her problem with nothing stronger than a good book.