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Celebrity Diary: We're all jetting home to give our mums a day to remember

AFTER an amazing week on tour with Westlife in the UK, today's the big day when we return home to Ireland and we're getting ready to party.

Our first show at the O2 in Dublin to support the guys on their Gravity tour is tomorrow night and we reckon we might have to have a little celebration afterwards since it was Kasey's 21st birthday on Monday and we haven't really had a chance to mark it properly yet.

Then, of course, Sunday is Mother's Day so we're all hoping to get our respective mums along to the O2 for that night's show so we can make a special occasion of it for them.

We've played at the O2 once before when we took part in the Cheerios Childline concert last December, but we're very excited about coming back and playing a full set.

Ireland's always the most incredible place, nothing compares to a home crowd and the audience is always amazing. Since we're back on home turf our co-manager Kian (Egan) has the Diary jam-packed for the week.

We'll be doing lots of interviews and publicity during the week. We're not going on the Late Late, though, as we did it a few weeks ago and poor Jodi was sick.

We would all love another chance to go on so maybe when we release the next single...

Of course we'll be doing meet and greets with any fans who fancy coming down to the O2 before the shows as well. We don't see our other manager Louis Walsh as much as he's busy with the X Factor and all of his other commitments, but he'll be coming along to our show this weekend so we're looking forward to seeing him again.

We couldn't ask for a better group to be on tour with than the Westlife boys, they're all so lovely. We're like one big family now.

Mark Feehily is so loving, he always comes over and gives us a big cuddle before we go on stage. And, of course, Kian is just like a big brother given that he's our manager, as well as being Jodi's husband.


We wouldn't see Shane (Filan) and Nicky (Byrne) as much as they both have young families and tend to spend a lot of time with them, but they're good craic as well.

Nicky's wife Georgina was over during the week with their twin sons, Rocco and Jay, and we all thought they were just adorable.

They were standing by the stage watching their Dad perform. Georgina is great, she was giving those of us with long-term boyfriends at home (Sharon and Corrina) advice about how to make it work when we're on the road so much.

Leigh and Kasey are the single two of the group. With all the focus on the singing right now there's no time to even think about the lovelife, though we do suspect that Olly Murs has got a little crush on our Kasey. He was definitely flirting with her last time we met him.

We're actually heading off on tour with him in May. He's doing something like 50 dates so that's going to be crazy.

Before that we'll be heading off to LA to record the video for our new single Starlight.

We're heading out the week after next and we're all very excited about it. We've been talking about outfits and looks for the video in the last few days. We're probably going to stick to the same hair colours and styles for the moment, as fans generally seem to have picked out someone they love because of their look. .

It's been non-stop since Christmas but we're not complaining, it's all new and exciting for us.

Before joining Westlife on their Gravity tour we supported Boyzone on their dates in the UK. It was very emotional actually as they did a tribute piece for Stephen Gately on their opening night.

The lads were all lovely. They sent us in a bottle of champagne afterwards to thank us. Since then we've been up and down the country from Glasgow to Sheffield. This week alone we've played at Wembley, in Manchester and then last night we went to Birmingham, where we had another amazing audience.

When we're not rehearsing or on stage we'll be busy at the gym or doing media or just travelling from one venue to the next.

On Monday morning we also went to a number of schools, where we just go in and play three songs to give them a taste of what we're about. We did schools again on Wednesday morning and Kian actually came along with us. The kids nearly had a heart attack with excitement.

The school children can sometimes be the hardest audience though because they already have their favourite bands and that's it.


We had the rest of the day off after that on Wednesday so everyone just kind of did their own thing and relaxed before next week's hectic schedule kicks off.

Jodi and Kian went on a date night to see their friend Carly Stenson, who used to be in Hollyoaks with Jodi, in Legally Blonde and were very impressed.

Today then we've got a big concert online with up to one million people expected to tune in, before we travel home to see our families.

It's all going great for us but we have lots more goals. Obviously the dream would be to do the X Factor.

We'll see how the album goes when it's released but who knows. It would be fantastic to get on, it would definitely sell a few records.

Since launching we've met quite a few big names including Rihanna and Robbie Williams, which was pretty exciting.

We're all agreed that we would love to meet Adele. We do a cover of her song Rolling In The Deep so it would be amazing to meet her in person.

Wonderland will support Westlife on their Gravity tour at Dublin's O2 on April 2,3,8,9 and 10