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Celebrity Diary: There was a faller, but for once it wasn't me ...my mum took a tumble on the stairs

This week has been the usual whirlwind for me.

Between photocalls, fashion shows, college and going over to Aintree races, I've had a lot on my plate.

Last weekend I was up early on Saturday to go off eventing in Dundalk which went well. I came back home at lunchtime and then loaded up my horses to go off to Gowran Park in Kilkenny to compete in a race so I was down till about 6pm.

I came home for a while and then went up to meet a few of my friends before going back home to Kildare.

I was down in the Curragh riding out early ahead of last Sunday's races. I was there all afternoon and there was a great buzz.

I finished in sixth place in one of my races and then in the League Series I came third so I got a holiday voucher so I've the option of picking my destination.

I haven't decided where I'm going to go yet, somewhere lovely and sunny sounds ideal.

We did have a bit of drama on Sunday though after a bad fall -- only this time around, it was my mum [top horse trainer] Jessica. She was walking up the steps to watch my race and she missed her footing and fell down the stairs.

I came in from the race and was like, 'where's mum?' and they told me she had taken a fall and had cut her head. She was taken to Naas hospital and they found she had fractured and dislocated her finger and also needed two stitches in her forehead as well.

My mum is one of my biggest mentors, she's amazing and being her daughter does mean that I've a lot to live up. She has been to the Olympics, she has accomplished so much and she just never stops going. She's breaking now into the flat scene as well and if I can achieve half of what she does, I'll be doing well.

Monday started for me by riding out in the morning and I left my home in Kildare at about 11am and had to go to college for a lecture. I'm studying social science in UCD and I'm in my final year but I've split my last semester into two as I'm just so busy right now so I'm not going to finish until next Christmas.

I was in college all day Monday and then went for dinner with a couple of drinks in The Counter in Dundrum. Monday evening I went up to visit my friend's sister in Alexandra College where I used to go to board so it was a real trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the old times. It was great fun to go back there and see how much it's changed. I was there for six years and I loved boarding.


Last Tuesday I got up and went to the gym. I had one lecture and then it was on to do the photocall for the Arnotts Best Dressed Lady contest at Punchestown with Sile Seoige. It was lovely to meet her, she was very friendly and I had met her before at the Galway races. I was in my silks for the photocall and it was funny having to walk through Arnotts with them on.

I do enjoy doing those kind of things, I have done one before with Image magazine and I'm a real girlie girl, I love getting my hair and make-up done and being pampered. I had to nip back to UCD then for a couple of hours to get an essay handed in before Friday as it counts for 50pc of one of my courses.

Then it was over to my apartment in Dublin where there was another minor mishap. The handle fell off my bedroom door and I couldn't get into my room to get changed. So I ran over to my friend's house and I was like, 'Help, I need an entire outfit and some make-up!' Then it was back to Arnotts for the fashion show, I brought along three old friends of mine and we had a great laugh. I did have one cocktail but I've so much on my plate at the moment, I do try to take it easy. The clothes were amazing

On Wednesday morning, I rode out again first thing and then I packed up the two of the horses that my mum trains as I was taking them over to Aintree on the ferry. I also had to pack up myself and I was so indecisive with my wardrobe, I couldn't decide what to bring so I brought way too much stuff.

One of the horses, Chasing Cars, has been entered into the John Smith's Topham Chase today and he has a good each way chance so fingers crossed. It's Ladies Day today and I'm so excited about seeing all the fashion. I've been over there before for it and all the Liverpool ladies come out and make a big impact. There's some women who wear nothing, it's literally bikinis and you have the firemen handing out these tinfoil-style wraps to them at the end of the day because they're all so cold -- but still won't wear any coats.

The WAGs always pop in to the races as well and people like Coleen Rooney always look amazing, they've great style. For my outfit, I have a gorgeous mini coat that I'm going to wear with a black dress that I got in Arnotts.


I love my high heels and today will be no exception, I have a pair of LK Bennett booties to go with my outfit. I would be mad into fashion and love that element of the races as well as competing myself.

I'm also looking forward to catching with Katie Walsh and Nina Carberry while I'm over here. It's bad luck that Katie won't be riding Our Monty in the Grand National tomorrow. Both girls have been brilliant and there's real camaraderie between all the female jockeys. They've both been putting it up to the boys and have been doing so well. This is my really busy time but I love it. The next big excitement for me will be Punchestown Festival, which is definitely one of my favourite festivals as it's so close to home.