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Celebrity Diary: The guests are lined up and my colour's done ... if only the new dog would behave

It's been a crazy week in our house -- so no change there.

We have this crazy new puppy in the house, who's a samoan husky so he's this fluffy white thing and he has eaten away nearly all the carpet on my stairs.

We took him out to Brittas Bay last Saturday which was lovely and then that night I went into the Gaiety to see The Beauty Queen of Leenane with my mother, my husband Steve, my sister Kathleen and her husband Bernard.

Afterwards we went to the Trocadero restaurant for a late dinner.

My son Jack, who's 13, headed off to Irish College this week, so I dropped him off to the bus station on Tuesday.

On Wednesday morning, I MC-ed a business breakfast conference on how to develop Dublin. That was in the Royal College of Surgeons and afterwards, I ran around to Digges Lane for an interview on the Ray D'Arcy Show.

I also did an interview with the legendary GAA manager Sean Boylan and his wife Tina as well as their son Sean Og, who's a brilliant pianist and is currently performing in the Abbey Theatre production of George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion.

The exams are also big news in our house as two of my daughters started their Leaving Cert this week.


I feel there's often far too much fuss around it. Lots of times, it's the parents who put too much pressure on the kids. Don't sweat the small stuff is my best advice as it doesn't help you at all.

I met the pair of them after their first exam and took them out for a sandwich before going back to RTE to work on Prime Time as well as doing a few interviews for my chat show.

Yesterday morning I had a production meeting about my guests on the first programme of the new season of Saturday Night With Miriam.

I'm really happy that the show's coming back, it's all a bit of craic and good fun to do. After the meeting, it was off to Peter Mark's in the Merrion Centre to get my colour done.

I have to come clean and say, I'm not a natural blonde!

Then it was back to RTE to present Prime Time and that was all about the Rostrevor House nursing home story.

We've got some really good guests for tomorrow's show, including Eamon Dunphy who's coming on with his daughter Colette to talk about her son Braiden who has a serious heart defect.

We're doing an item about the Sligo Dip in the Nip that helps raise money for cancer charities where hundreds of women basically strip off and swim naked from a beach in Sligo.

It's the same event originally launched by the lovely Gerry Ryan in 2009 and now taken over by Terry Wogan. And no, I won't be joining in the ladies on the day but I'm happy to support it!

We've also got the newly-retired rugby star Alan Quinlan coming on to talk about his battle with depression and that's really interesting because that's not something that a lot of guys will talk about.

I've been involved in a charity called See Change which supports people with mental health problems.

I definitely think there has been a change in public attitudes towards depression, there seems to be this whole stigma about the illness when there shouldn't be.


Women seem to be better at talking about it so to have someone like Alan coming out and openly discussing it, I just think he's really brave.

When it comes to asking him other questions about his personal life, my training is in current affairs and sometimes people around me have this intake of breath like 'I can't believe she just asked that'.

But it's my job to always ask the tough questions, that's what I'm there to do.

The new series of Saturday Night with Miriam starts this Saturday on RTE One at 9.35pm