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Celebrity Diary: Rozanna Purcell

IT'S been a whirlwind week of photo shoots and Champagne toasts (for my friends and family) but now it's time for the hard work to begin.

I have less than two weeks until I take off for South America to begin my pageant training so I'll be working hard to ensure I'm in the best shape of my life when I arrive in Las Vegas for the Miss Universe pageant on August 5.

One of the top pageant trainers in the world, Miguel Marinez, approached me about working with him, which is very exciting as I'm the first European girl he's ever chosen to work with. He's going to fly me over to Colombia, where he's based, the week before the pageant.

I'm also going to get all my costumes made over there, which is going to be amazing as the fabrics and silks they have there are stunning. I'm not sure what type of dresses I'm going to go with yet but I plan to sit down with Andrea Roche to discuss the colours and themes.

She has also been giving me lots of advice on my diet and has set me up with a great trainer who she herself uses, called Dominic.


He's put me on a low-carb diet with lots of protein which includes having eggs for breakfast, eating lots of chicken and fish and, of course, no packaged food. I love fruit, so I have no problem eating that. Of course I'll still have the odd little treat but overall there will be no junk food of any kind.

I'll also be staying clear of the alcohol for the next few weeks as well. I'm not a big drinker at the best times. I love to go out and have fun and I might have one or two but I think cutting it out completely is definitely a sacrifice worth making if it means doing well in the contest.

I actually didn't drink at all on Friday night after I won the Miss Universe Ireland contest because I was so tired from all the excitement. All of my extended family and friends made up for it though, there was plenty of Champagne being offered around and the celebrations went on until the early hours. One of the highlights of the night was when the English rapper Tinie Tempah came into the Wright Venue after playing at Oxegen earlier that night. He was really nice and came over and congratulated me on my big win. I also had a bit of a chat with my namesake Rosanna Davison and she gave me lots of advice about the dos and don'ts of taking part in a big pageant like that. Everyone's been asking me if I think having the same name as her is a good omen, but to be honest it wouldn't matter what I was called, if you don't have the rest to back it up you won't get anywhere. It was a little bit intimidating having her judging us on the night as she is the ultimate pageant queen, having actually won the competition. She was really nice, though, and has promised to give me some advice before I leave.

I know there was a lot of talk about her and Glenda Gilson in the papers but I genuinely didn't see any tension between them. I think it was all greatly exaggerated. They were both complete professionals on the night.

On Sunday it was time to begin the preparation and start making out my 'to do' lists about what I need to get before the actual contest. I'll be careful about the fake tan this time. I know there's been some stuff said about it but I haven't paid any attention to it. I'm just making a joke out of it. You can't take any of it too seriously.

On Monday it was back to Dublin for me and back to work as I had plenty of press-calls. I also met up with Andrea to start discussing the dresses I'm going to wear and everything I need to do before I leave. It's been non-stop really but I've loved every minute.

Andrea is going to come over to Las Vegas, where the final is happening in the Mandalay Bay hotel so it's nice to know I'll be able turn to her for advice. My family have also been busy booking flights. They decided it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so they couldn't really miss it. Unfortunately my boyfriend, Jamie Hunt, who I've been going out with for six months, won't be able to make it.

I haven't decided what to do about my politics degree just yet, I will probably take this year off to concentrate on work and then return to studying the following year.

The modelling work has already been coming in steadily since I won so hopefully I'll be kept busy.

I'm working again this weekend on a couple of shoots but I definitely plan to stop into Lillie's Bordello -- who sponsored me in the Miss Universe competition two years in a row -- to thank them.

They're planning to throw me a big going away party, so I'm very much looking forward to that.

They've been brilliant since I won and were really helpful the whole way through the competition. It's great to have so much support behind me.