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Celebrity Diary: My pal's new baby is so cute, I want one... but Lau's not keen!

MY week got off to a very healthy start as my boyfriend Lau Zamparelli and I spent our Sunday going to the gym, something we never usually do.

I decided I was going to be really healthy and give up the drink for January but unfortunately I have fallen off the wagon already.

I ended up having a few drinks on Wednesday night as a friend of mine living in the UK had a baby recently and myself and another friend went over to visit her. It was only right we should wet the baby's head!

She actually went into labour at home before she had time to get to hospital so she ended up giving birth on her living room floor with no gas or epidural or anything like that.

After that story I couldn't possibly say no to a glass of wine. I'm not too upset about breaking my no drinking pact though.


I think a few drinks here and there in moderation is no harm because otherwise I'd probably go out in February and have a massive blowout and undo all my good work.

It's funny while I was over in Cardiff, where my friend lives, I was on the phone to my boyfriend telling him how cute the new arrival is.

I said to him: "I want one, she's gorgeous. Can we have one?" but he was having none of it. I think I'll have to wait a while for that one.

Lau is now living with me here in Dublin after many years of having a long-distance relationship and it's all going brilliantly. We're coming up to our five-year anniversary in the next few weeks.

Naturally we have been getting the marriage question, but I can definitely say I won't be walking down the aisle in 2011.

I have absolutely no intention of getting married any time soon, I think as soon as you do, it means you're officially old.

We want to do a lot of stuff before we get married. We both want to make sure our careers are where we want them to be before we think about anything else.

Lau is an actor and he's been doing quite well since he moved to Ireland. He's getting involved in different bits and pieces so it's all good.

I flew home from the UK last night and we just spent the evening chilling at home.

Myself and the girls went to Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant in Cardiff yesterday for lunch before I left. It was a nice treat, after what's been a busy week workwise.

I had a meeting with Toto productions during the week about a few different projects we're working on for 2011, so fingers crossed they will come to fruition.

We're in the early planning stages of another series of Republic Of Telly. Nothing concrete has been decided but hopefully I'm going to be involved again. I think the last series was one of the best we've had yet.

But then again nothing is ever 100pc in this business, you just have to listen to the producers and trust that they know best.

People were surprised when Mairead Farrell left and Dermot Whelan came on board instead of Neil Delamere in the last series.

I wasn't in the studio that often so I didn't really work with them directly but of course it's given the programme a whole new dimension.

As far as Mairead was concerned, I don't know what happened there. I thought she was great but maybe she just didn't have the time to commit to every Sunday when she has a young child and works all week.

What I'm learning about the TV industry is that you have to take each day as it comes. I'm there since the beginning so I hope to keep getting more experience and get better.


I've had some funny interviews along the way like the Jackass boys, Mark Wahlberg and Eva Mendes. My wish-list for the next series is to get Jedward, I'm fascinated by them.

Hopefully the Rubberbandits will be coming back in the next series as well. Now that they've become such a phenomenon they're in huge demand.

They've been doing their thing for ten years so it's not like they were plucked from nowhere. It's great to see them doing so well though, I've gotten to know them well and they're great lads!

My dating show One Night Stand seems to have been a success as well and they are looking at doing another series this year, so fingers crossed.

People have been asking me if we've had any success stories yet and we actually have had a few couples come from it.

Funnily enough on the week that we had the three gay guys looking for love, they didn't have a spark with any of the participants, but two of them hit it off with one another and are still together now as far as I know.

It was great fun to do and it's opened up other doors for me as well, such as this year's Valentine's Fest 2011.

I had a photocall on Tuesday morning to launch it. It's going to be one of the biggest singles events in Ireland and I'm really looking forward to it. My studio's going to be there and there will be lots of different things for people to do. It's going to take place at the Citywest Hotel on Saturday, February 12

Aside from the TV work, I'm very busy at the moment with my two Bella salons. I had to drive to Limerick first thing on Monday morning as I opened a second branch there in November.

My sister-in-law Jean is running it for me so I had a business meeting with her to lay out our plan for the year ahead.

We're running a competition for a free make-over at the moment, so it's good to get people talking.

We'll do before and after shots on the website as well with the winner.

I've just finished doing a bit of refurbishment at my Dublin branch. We've just got new floors in and changed a few other things so it's looking good.

I also like to run a competition for the staff at this time of year every year to try and ease the January blues a bit.

I offer them a few hundred quid or a trip away or something like that to motivate them and keep up morale.

I'm looking forward to spending the weekend chilling out and maybe taking another stab at going to the gym on Sunday.

Jennifer is the face of this year's Valentine's Fest 2011, which takes place at Citywest on February 12 in association with anotherfriend.com