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Celebrity Diary: My mate 'The Hube' may be up for an IFTA ... but I've got to present them

This past week has been hardcore busy for me, what with running around getting ready for the IFTAs and juggling the demands of being a working mum-of-three.

Last Monday started like any other, with me dragging the kids out of bed and pouring Rice Crispies down them before sending them off to school.

I was also busy reading through a new script. I've got one big audition coming up but it has always been my policy never to talk about these projects until they're confirmed.

I also got my script for the Irish Film and TV Awards, which I'm hosting tomorrow night at the Burlington Hotel. I'm really looking forward to it. There's a huge number of people coming in, every day you hear fresh names like Matt Dillon and Josh Harnett.

I can't wait to meet people like Brendan Gleeson, Adrian Dunbar and Jon Voight -- I hear he's a very nice man -- as well as Orla Brady, who I have lots of respect for.

For actors and people in the business, the IFTAs are like our Christmas party, a perfect chance to catch up. Working on any show or movie, you tend to get to know each other very quickly, there's an instant bonding thing. You don't have to take the normal amount of time to get to know someone.

I always think of it a bit like you've all been involved in some natural disaster where you have to stick together through thick and thin! You may not see each other for six months or six weeks but when you meet up with them, it's like you saw them yesterday.

I found The Clinic such a shiny, aspirational show to work on. It was good high drama and the cast were fantastic to be with, so I was sad that they decided to axe it.

But Mary Callery of Parallel Pictures, which makes the programme, is up for an award tomorrow night, as is Amy 'The Hube'.

But life goes on and it is pilot season at the moment. The only sure thing with acting is that there will be unemployment at some point in your career.

On Tuesday, I went shopping to get the perfect dress for tomorrow night. It actually wasn't too laborious at all and eventually I ended up getting a gorgeous Amanda Wakeley dress, so fingers crossed no-one else turns up in the same one on the night!

People ask me about juggling three children, Evie (5), Ridley (2 and a half) and Flynn (15 months), with having a career but I feel I'm just the same as any other working mum.

It is a hard gig but we're supposedly of the 'have it all' generation and it is frankly exhausting, but also really rewarding in its own way. I have to say though, I'm done at three children -- I'm not having any more! The kids are fantastic -- they keep you so grounded.

I was showing Evie a magazine the other day and I was on the front cover and I said to her "Who's that?" and she goes "Mickey!", and I looked at the back and there's a picture of Mickey Mouse on the back -- she wasn't bothered about me at all. I thought that was absolutely classic.

On Wednesday I went to see my trainer, Stephen Barry, at the David Lloyd gym in Clonskeagh. I'd like to point out that I'm only seeing him for the IFTA gig -- I don't see him all the time or anything.

He was laughing though, saying how he wants to put a 'sponsored by' sticker on my dress tomorrow night as proof of all the hard work we've done together.

After that, I went to the supermarket and then to buy a red wig for an audition -- don't ask.

On Thursday, it was more running around doing mum stuff before heading in to the Afternoon Show for a talk about the IFTAs and what I've been up to lately.

This morning I had a play date with the kids and I've been busy working out what introduction I'm going to use for Matt Dillon and Jon Voight -- they're both such legends.

Tomorrow's going to be mental for me, naturally. I'm quite terrified and excited in equal measures. We're great in this country for saying 'Oh it's only the Irish stuff', but we also export so many great actors globally. Winning an IFTA is a huge achievement and should never be downplayed.