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Celebrity Diary: Kathryn Thomas

I'm off to the Shelbourne hotel for a night of glitz and glam at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards tonight and I'm really looking forward to it given that I'm one of the nominees.

I'm wearing a champagne-coloured dress I bought in London three years ago, an Alfred Sung that I've never worn here. I'm adding a feathered piece from a Helen Cody dress that's removable so I'm pushing the boat out a bit and creating my own unique look.

Claire Beegan is my RTE wardrobe stylist on Winning Streak and she's brilliant with helping me out if things need pulling in or fixing.

I've always had a great night at the awards -- they really know how to throw a good party and it's never a staid affair.

I was nominated for the Best Dressed On The Night and was a runner-up before but I've never won the overall award and, of course, I would love to win it, I'm not going to say otherwise.


I really don't know who's going to win but I wouldn't mind at all being overshadowed by the likes of Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain or Amy Huberman -- they always look immaculate, and Morah Ryan has been amazing over the past year, too.

I'm going to have the craic regardless and my other half Enda Waters is coming along as well so we're looking forward to a fun night out.

There's lots of new faces going to be there like Jordan and Liz Hurley so we're all dying to see what they look like in the flesh.

Naturally we'll all be heading up to Krystle for the aftershow party to continue the fun.

I'm going to have a seriously sore head tomorrow, but it will all be worth it!

I started off last weekend doing Winning Streak, which is such a great show to be co-presenting.

We had a brilliant run of it recently as we had someone who won more than a quarter of a million, which always makes great excitement in the studio.

After the programme it was into town to present the Trinity business alumni fashion show which we held in aid of RESPECT.

Myself and Eddie Hobbs were MCing the evening, with 520 tickets sold and we had clothes from Arnotts and Karen Millen. We had celebrity models showing off the clothes like Senator Shane Ross, Breffny Morgan and Lucinda Creighton so we had great craic with that.

The afterparty in Krystle was brilliant, we danced the night away until God knows what hour.

The following day I was doing the honours at a christening.

My best friend has just had twins and I was godmother to her little baby Tom but after such a late night, it was definitely a slow start on Sunday.

After the church, we had a big party back in her house and it was out on the town again.

I ended up in Coppers of all places!

At least I'm a bogger so I have an excuse for going there -- Michael O'Doherty keeps telling me it's the new Krystle but then he's the only person I know who has a gold card into it.

Monday and Tuesday I had to take it easy after such a busy weekend and then on Wednesday it was off to John Fitzpatrick's launch in Residence which was great craic.


I worked with his PR company quite a bit over the years and they're lovely to work with.

I couldn't make it to the premiere of Perrier's Bounty but I managed to pop my head into the afterparty in Il Silgreto which was only around the corner.

Yesterday was spent doing a recording with Dave Fanning for his new music TV show 11th Hour and I had to pick my five favourite albums of all time.

He's getting great guests for the show, people like Cillian Murphy have signed up to do it.

I had to have a big think about my top five but I've always been a massive Guns N' Roses fan so Appetite for Destruction is on there, so is Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson.

I also have AC/DC on there, I'm a huge fan.

Last year, their Black Ice world tour in the O2 Dublin clashed with the TVNow Awards and Michael O'Doherty was slagging me off because, right after the event, I changed out of my gorgeous dress and into my rocker gear to head down and rock out.

But tonight, I'll be in it for the long haul and loving every minute of it.