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Celebrity Diary: Joy of a world tour and putting nappies on Lila...

IT'S been a truly busy week in London, where I've been trying to balance band rehearsals with getting to know my new little bundle of joy Lila Renee Sheehan.

She's just a week old now and she's fantastic. She's a great little baby, with a great temperament and really placid.

My wife Rina and I are completely enamoured with her. I'm lucky in that the boys were very good in allowing me to take two weeks at home leading up to the birth and after.

I'm a dab hand at changing nappies at this stage, as we've already got two kids at home.


I'm actually based in the UK fulltime, whereas Danny and Glen are in Dublin. When we're not away touring, I can stay at home with my family when we're in the studio recording in London.

It can be difficult while we're away in other parts of the world but thank God for Skype, which allows us all to see and talk to our significant others while we're on the road.

We've been frantically rehearsing for the past couple of weeks before our world tour kicks off tomorrow in Liverpool.

To prepare for it we rented a big warehouse in the UK, where we've been rehearsing our show every day.

We had all the big screens and cameras set up that we'll be using during the tour to make sure it all works okay.

We had a particularly funny incident one of the days when we changed the camera angles so it was zooming in on Danny's ass, so unbeknown to him that was what was being broadcast behind him as he was performing. Luckily he saw the funny side.

We always have lots of stories like that, we're all kind of messers and like to keep things interesting by playing gags on each other.

In between gigging at the warehouse, we've been doing a lot of promo in preparation for the tour.

We've been flat out with TV interviews, radio interviews, talking to journalists and that kind of thing all week.

Any spare time we've had, we've spent adding new music, pumping up the old songs and doing a bunch of things like that.

We also had to get our wardrobe for all the shows organised, so there hasn't been much time for anything else this week.

Last night was obviously very exciting for us as we had a secret gig at the Guinness Storehouse in our hometown of Dublin.

There was just a small crowd of fans and then of course our friends and family there, so it was a really intimate performance. We played a couple of songs from our new album, Science And Faith, and of course our new single, For The First Time. We played a set of seven songs in total, a mixture of our hits old and new.

Rina was there to support me, as well as Glen's girlfriend and Danny's other half Irma (Mali).

The girls are all really supportive and always like to come along and support us whenever they can. We often get so caught up in preparing for the gigs and rehearsing that we sometimes forget that it can actually be quite a big deal for them and our families. They were really excited about it all.

Irma was on the phone to Danny the night before contemplating whether she should go or not.

She didn't want to take the attention away from him by having too much fuss around her being there.

Obviously it's always a special occasion for Danny and me at home gigs like that. The fact that we've both lost parents since starting the band makes it all the more significant. Danny's dad died four months after my own mum died so we can both empathise.

You always feel their presence there on big occasions and I think they're always with us, looking out for us.

Needless to say, with it being our first night out in Dublin in a long time it was a pretty late one last night. We always enjoy a night out, no matter where in the world we are. We're real 'local pub' sort of lads and we actually call our favourite haunt in London our office at this point.

Today will be all about recovering from the sore heads and officially launching the album.

We'll be joining Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show tonight, which we're all looking forward to immensely.

After that it's a whirlwind couple of weeks of touring through the UK, straight through Europe, Australia and then on to America.

We've had great success over there and have been lucky enough to be invited on a number of television shows already. We've already done The Hills, 90210 and The Ghost Whisperer.


We're also due to appear on the Jay Leno show next month and we're pretty excited about playing two nights in Terminal 5 in New York as well, because it's a massive venue. We'll end the American leg of the tour in Boston, which is, of course, unofficial Irish capital of America.

After that we'll head back to Ireland to finish the tour in Dublin.

We were all adamant we wanted to finish up in style in our home country as we wouldn't be where we are today without all the help and support from fans here.