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Celebrity diary: I've not touched a drop of booze all week and had no winners to toast either...but the craic's been mighty

IT'S been a tough week of having the craic at the Galway races -- but sure someone has to do it.

I made sure to take the whole week off work so that I could head over to Ballybrit for all the meetings.

I was away in America filming until last week so I had only been back to work presenting the weather on TG4 for one weekend. I wouldn't have missed Galway for anything though. I'm a big fan of the festival and I make sure to come racing every single year.

I'm a bit tired at this stage I have to admit, even though I haven't had a drop of booze all week. I decided to give myself the challenge of staying off it for the next couple of weeks before the Rose of Tralee.

Although it's been great not having a sore head every day, I thought I would have had a lot more energy. I've still been out every night having the craic but I think next year I'll definitely allow myself a drink.

It's nice to have a pint to celebrate when you back a winner. Not that I've had too many of them this week. I've been losing all around me so far. I'm hoping my luck will change this evening otherwise I'll be bankrupt by the time I make it to Tralee.


I'm getting a bit nervous but I'm very much looking forward to it as well. We'll be heading off on the tour of the country soon so that should be a bit of fun. I couldn't complain about the opportunity to travel Ireland with 32 lovely ladies.

I actually travelled to Castlebar in Mayo this morning to do an interview with the Ray D'Arcy show, which was broadcasting from there.

Ray gave me a few tips but overall he said to just enjoy myself. They're big shoes to fill so I hope I can live up to the high standard he's set over the past few years.

I was a bit surprised when I heard he was stepping down but all good things have to come to an end.

He was very amused when I told him that Louis Copeland is making me two custom-made suits for the two nights that are televised and he's putting special rose-petal lining inside them.

I'm hoping that will distract from any mistakes I make.

There's been a lot of talk about my style of presenting but I can't be giving away my strategy just yet. You'll just have to tune in on RTE to find out how I get on with the girls.

I've actually met a couple of them already because I presented the Dublin Rose finals earlier this summer. I didn't have a special Louis Copeland suit for that, but he did kit me out nicely for yesterday's Ladies Day meeting at Ballybrit.

Obviously it's a day for the females, with all the style and the colours and the hats but I like to make a bit of an effort myself.

The gents all wear suits so it would be rude not to. I didn't bring out the cowboy boots that I wore to the VIP Style Awards, though.

They didn't ask me to judge this year, unfortunately, as I would have enjoyed wandering around the track and checking out the fine fillies but I think Glenda Gilson and co did a fine job picking Annmarie O'Leary as the overall winner.

I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway as I had a photoshoot to do in Galway city yesterday morning.

I was praying all day that Bahrain Storm wouldn't win in the Hurdle race as I stupidly agreed to run around the racetrack to raise money for charity if he came in first.

It's been a good week of catching up with old friends. I believe Grainne Seoige will be making an appearance at tonight's meeting before she hosts the Race Ball at the Radisson so I'll look forward to catching up with her.

I don't bother with the Ball myself, I prefer to head into town and have the craic with my friends.

I had a great laugh on Monday night with Tommy Bowe and the other rugby lads. Himself and Alan Quinlan and Ronan O'Gara were there for a special sports night, which I had the honour of MCing.

They're all really good lads. Myself and Tommy actually did The Restaurant for RTE together last year so I knew him before. We were winding each other up about who was the better cook.

I don't know how impressed he was when I asked him on the stage whether he was single or not but it was the question all the ladies were dying to know the answer to. He wasn't giving too much away, even when I volunteered the information that I'm single as well. I'm too busy concentrating on my work to have any time to think about my love life.

Come the autumn, I'll be back on the road again travelling to Dublin every weekend for the All Ireland Talent Show.


Nothing has been confirmed yet in terms of the format, but I know I'll definitely be back on the judging panel, as will John Creedon.

I hear Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh is going to be a participant in Celebrity Bainisteoir this year, which I'm very jealous about.

I've always been a massive fan of GAA so it's something I'd definitely be interested in doing in the future.

In fact I'll be missing out on tomorrow's race meeting so that I can go to Croke Park to watch Kerry in the All Ireland football quarter final against Down.

I'll be keeping the fingers and toes crossed that they win. I think they have a good chance.

After that I'll be heading over to RTE to appear on Miriam O'Callaghan's chatshow.