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Celebrity Diary: I've had quite a week teaming up with pals but tomorrow I'll be glued to the match

This is obviously going to be a massive rugby weekend with the start of the Six Nations tournament and I'll definitely be cheering on the boys in green with the rest of the country.

I'll have to head back down to Limerick tomorrow, but I'll be watching the match with fingers crossed.

My husband Alan (Quinlan) has tickets for tomorrow's game in Croke Park but I don't know if he'll go yet. He's definitely going over to Twickenham to see the England game at the end of the month and he'll be back training with Munster next week.

This has been a particularly busy week for me, given that I came up to Dublin for a few days.

I've been living down in Limerick for the past year and a half, as that's where Alan works, and I'm really enjoying the pace of life.

I came up last Sunday to model in a fashion show organised by my good pal Jenny Lee Masterson. She had a Fashion Rocks night in the Wright Venue to raise funds for Keith Duffy's charity, Irish Autism Action, so she asked us all to give her a hand.


She did a stellar job, it was a fashion show against the backdrop of a live band and it was really different, a very upbeat show. There was a Victoria's Secret segment in it as well, and that went great.

I was a bit nervous about modelling lingerie after having our baby AJ a year ago, but it went fine and, thankfully, I felt relatively comfortable going down the catwalk. My pal Aoife Cogan did it as well, so it was a great laugh.

It helped that I knew a lot of the crowd there, so there was a lovely atmosphere. At some of the fashion shows we do, the audience can be a bit bored-looking, but this was nothing like that and a few of the girls went out afterwards for drinks.

Sarah McGovern is just back from travelling around South America with her husband Kenny, so I got to catch up on all the goss with her -- she told me she had an amazing time.

On Monday and Tuesday, I stayed with my family in Dublin and I spent the time catching up with some friends of mine, particularly the ones who have kids.

It was good to catch up with my sister Stephanie, who's married to Malcolm O'Kelly, and the pair of them went to see the premiere of Invictus in the Savoy on Tuesday night. People say that we look really alike and used to get us mixed up all the time but when we're right beside each other I'm a good two inches taller, so it's easy to tell us apart!

On Wednesday, I was booked in to do a press call as I'm still busy modelling, but was cancelled at the last minute, so I went to Green 19 on Camden Street and met all the girls again for a catch-up.

Afterwards I met my friend Alex Donald, who's a DJ, and we went to Cafe Bar Deli for a meal and a natter.

The baby's pulling my hair all the time as it's so long, so I decided it was time to go for the chop and have a bit of a change yesterday so I took the plunge and got it cut.

Today, Alan is heading to the Shelbourne for the annual Sporting Luncheon, hosted by Fighting Blindness.

There's a really good crew going along, such as Shane Byrne and Bernard Jackman, and Des Cahill is hosting the event, so it should be great fun.

Tomorrow, I'm heading back down to Limerick because I'm going out for cocktails with a friend of mine and I'm looking forward to that.

It is a big change from Dublin but I've really thrown myself into the life down there, I've joined a tennis club and a running club to keep fit.

I'm also with the Celia Holman Lee agency, so I'm still modelling away.

Having said that, I've modelled for the past 10 years and I'm probably ready for a new challenge.

I studied communications at Griffith College and have a marketing qualification as well that I've never used.

That's six years of study that I want to start putting to good use.

A new year is a great time for taking on new challenges and this year I would love to get into something like freelance writing.

I've taken more than a year out to have my baby and while I have adored spending every minute with him, maybe it's time I threw myself into something different.