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Celebrity Diary: I'm backing England all the way in World Cup - because I'm a big fan of Rooney

I'VE been all over the place this week filming for Ireland AM.

From zip-lining to interviewing cycling legend Sean Kelly and fashion features. It's been great fun.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was on the early shift for the programme, which means getting up at the crack of dawn and being in the studio for 5am.

I don't think I'll ever get used to getting up that early because I just go back to normal hours at the weekends.

The first 30 minutes is the worst, when you're feeling very sorry for yourself because you've had to haul yourself out of bed, but once I get a coffee in my hand I'm fine.

I'm terrible for going to bed early as well. I'm like a little child that is afraid to miss anything that's going on, so I never get enough beauty sleep.

Straight after coming off air, we went into a production meeting to discuss how the show went and also prepare for the following day.

On Monday, I went zip-lining in Loughcrew, Co Meath, on Ireland's longest zip-wire. I'm not an adrenaline junkie by any means -- I'm a total scaredy cat actually.


I always get offers to do a sky-dive for charity, but that is not my kind of thing at all. I was sick with nerves before doing the zip-liner and in the end I had to do it three times to get the footage right. It worked out really well in the end, but I was so nervous I couldn't concentrate on the interview.

I'd love to say I'm that cool about things like that, but it's really more my co-host Sinead Desmond's kind of thing, she spends all her weekends mountain climbing.

On Tuesday, we had Sean Kelly on the show and it was unusual that I was the one to interview him because I'm not exactly a sports enthusiast, except when it comes to football, but it went really well.

Sean was lovely and normal so we had a great chat.

My husband Ben even texted me afterwards to say 'you know you've just interviewed a sporting legend'.

He's football mad as well, so our house is World Cup obsessed at the moment. I'm supporting England all the way because they're our neighbours and also I'm a huge Man United fan, so why wouldn't I continue to support Wayne Rooney?

I've been with the Ireland AM team now for two years but been working in TV3 for a total of six, because I spent a long time working behind the scenes. I completely love my job, aside from the horrible early starts, and I'm really grateful that the public have been so welcoming to me since I started on air.


I won a TV Now Award for Favourite Weather Presenter, and that was all down to the fans of the show because they are so dedicated.

On Wednesday, once I finished work, I did a charity photocall before going to meet friends for lunch and some shopping. It was a beautiful sunny day. I felt like I was skiving off work as I strolled down Grafton Street.

I took a trip down memory lane by filming a new segment for the show yesterday about a teenage boy who wants to get rid of his acne.

I spent the day with him in Blackrock where he had laser treatment on his face. He totally reminded me about how tough it was to be a teenager and go through all of those problems.

I'm on the late shift today so I'm just editing the acne feature before I finish up work ahead of a weekend of bridesmaid duties.

My best friend is getting married in Italy in July and we're meeting up to organise that.

We've no long break at all in Ireland AM this summer; we're not like RTE, but I'm planning to go to Portugal for a few weeks in September, so life's not too bad at all.