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Celebrity Diary: I really can't wait to hit Oxegen tomorrow ... but I don't know where to stay or what to play!

I HAVEN'T decided on the set-list yet -- and I've nowhere to camp -- but after all the build-up, Oxegen has finally arrived and I can't wait to get down to Punchestown tomorrow.

I had been due to play today, but then things got moved around, so now the plan is that I'm going to be on stage at the Heineken Green Spheres tent tomorrow afternoon, the same area where Professor Green and Brandon Flowers will be performing later in the day.

I'm on the bill for 4.50pm, just after Cashier No 9, and at this stage I'm equally nervous and excited because it's only our second gig to play in Ireland since I went solo. I'd love to say we're completely organised, but to be honest I haven't even worked out what the set-list is going to be like yet.

I really must get on to that tonight!

Unfortunately I can only come in for the day, as I'm up to my eyes in the studio working on my first solo album, Colourblind.


We just finished mixing my second single, Good Intentions, on Wednesday afternoon. We have a deadline of the end of July to get the whole album done so that's going to be my second home for the next few weeks. It's the same place Cher worked on her single Believe, so that's pretty cool. I'm pretty sure I found her notes behind the couch one day.

Fans at Oxegen will definitely be getting a little taster of what's coming up on the album before it's released in September.

I was delighted when I found out I'd be playing the Saturday instead, as it means I get to see one of my favourite bands, the Foo Fighters, on the Main Stage tomorrow night. It's just easier for us in terms of travelling, too, because flying in from the UK on a Friday evening can be a nightmare.

I'll be coming in early tomorrow morning and heading straight back to London on Sunday. I haven't even worked out where I'll be staying yet but I'm sure something will turn up. I'm not such a diva that I wouldn't camp. If it was a five-man tent and I had enough drink in me I would definitely consider it.

Of course I'm also very tall, so it has to be quite long for me. We'll see what happens tomorrow night, I'm not going to stress out about it right now.

I hear Amanda Brunker is going to be performing down there as well on the same day. It's definitely interesting. I don't know what exactly she's going to be doing there, but I think fair play to her.

The way I look at it is there's plenty of room for everyone in this business. My advice to her would be ignore the begrudgers and get up and do your thing.

The guys from the Blizzards are all coming down with me to Oxegen, so we might try and check her gig out. It's always good fun backstage at a festival as you get to meet and mingle with all the other acts.

No doubt we'll end up doing a bit of partying as the evening goes on. It would be rude not to really, wouldn't it? I did a gig in Whelan's last week and the guys from the band were there as well.

My good friend Laura Whitmore even flew in from London to see it. There were lots of rumours that I was moving in with her when I went to London first, but that was never the case. We just lived near one another.

We would hang out together a lot over there, we've got a really close Irish crew. Laura's boyfriend, Danny (O'Reilly) from the Coronas, was also there at Whelan's on Wednesday of last week. I'm going to be supporting him and the guys at Marley Park on July 22, which I'm really chuffed about. We kind of grew up with the Coronas, so when Danny phoned me asking me to do it, I said I'd love to. From what I hear, himself and the guys did very well at the Aviva on Saturday night when they supported The Script, so it should be a great gig.


Fair play to The Script guys selling out the Aviva after only two albums, U2 had released seven or eight before they played a stadium of that size.

I couldn't get along to the Aviva myself, as I was at home in Mullingar visiting my family. I had hoped to see it, but I was under starters orders from my mother that I had to come home and see everyone as I hadn't been there in months.

I did manage to see Bon Jovi at the RDS on Thursday night before I went though. That was a good laugh. He did an amazing show. Although I have to admit I was a little hungover from the previous evening and my aftershow party at Bucks.

In terms of a love life, I've said it before but I won't be going out with anyone until after I've got the album out. It's just not fair on them. I've gone out with someone before while I was working in the studio and I'm not a particularly nice person when I'm doing these things.

In saying that, everybody needs someone to go home to and, of course, I would like to meet someone in the future.

Bressie will perform at the Heineken Green Spheres tent at Oxegen tomorrow at 4.50pm.