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Celebrity Diary: I loved being a TV Apprentice... Now I can't wait to play Cupid with a show of my very own

IT'S been a particularly busy week for me as I've been studying for my driver's theory test -- which I failed unfortunately -- as well as trying to finalise the details of my new RTE dating show, One Night Stand.

Today is actually the final day for applications, so I've been frantically doing radio interviews and other media stuff all week trying to get people to come forward with their mates to take part in the series.

I was really hoping that I would pass my test yesterday morning so that I could start doing my driving lessons immediately and finally get on the road after all these years, but no such luck.

I failed by just one question. I guess I'll just have to keep trying until I get it.

The only problem is that now I'll have to bus and train it for the next few weeks when I'm travelling all over the country going on the pull with single guys and girls, doing my best impression of Cilla Black. It's going to be six episodes of organised chaos and probably one of the biggest dating events the country has ever seen.

Statistically Irish people are not good at dating. Using online dating websites to find love is not common here, we're more into going to the pub and getting plastered and hoping you might find Mr Right. My plan is to get the nation dating again.

Before I get in front of the cameras, I'll be fitting in as many sessions at the gym as possible.

I try and make it fun by going with a friend. For example last Saturday myself and a friend went together and then we went for lunch afterwards.

That evening I went out for a few drinks and ended up in a piano bar called Number 5.

I combated the pain on Sunday by going out to see my parents in Baldoyle and having a lovely roast chicken dinner before coming back into town and heading to Fitzsimons in Temple Bar for a few drinks, before going onto Shebeen Chic, where they have live jazz on a Sunday night, and ending the night in Yukio.

After that we fell into McDonalds, where I undid all my good work at the gym by having a McChicken sandwich meal.

Monday's a massive work day for me, so I was in my Bella studio quite early in order to organise everything.

I always have a hundred things on the go at once but I fit it all in with good time management and a great team at the studio. Later that afternoon, I did some casting calls with RTE for the dating show and did a couple of radio interviews to promote it. I also had a production meeting with the team.

On Tuesday I was interviewing in the studio all day for a new make-up artist and then I had an early night so that I would be looking my best for a big photo-shoot I had on Wednesday.

I definitely didn't miss my vocation as a model. I don't know how models do it fulltime. I have two faces, one is mouth open and is one is mouth closed and that's it.

The photographers always tell me I'm too animated. I love when I get to do it though, it's great fun. You feel like a rock star with all the clothes and the hair and make-up and everything. It's brilliant.

After the shoot, I came back into the studio and did some more work before going for a pizza with my friend.

Then I had to shoot home and do some studying for the theory test, although I obviously didn't do enough.

My plan for the weekend is to fly over to London. I'm over there about twice a month so it's like a second home to me at this stage.

I probably won't be going as often later this year though, as my boyfriend of four years, Lau Zamparelli, is planning to move over here in the next couple of months. We'll finally be living in the same country after having a long distance romance.

I'll have to try and squeeze in a few episodes of the third series of the Irish Apprentice when it comes out. I always watch it every year. It brings back great memories of my own time on the British one.

Little did I think back then that I'd be presenting my own show this year. Needless to say, I'm very excited.

For more information on Jennifer's new RTE show One Night Stand or to participate call 0419834795